The core cosmology of feng shui is the Tao: the oneness of all and nothingness that is the rhythm of the universe. This rhythm is expressed in the principles of yin and yang. The vibration of everything can be described in the relationship between
yin and yang. Neither wholly favorable or unfavorable, this principle of
vibration and flow between these two gives movement to our world and
keeps our health and ecosystems in motion and in check.

To recognize these aspects in your home and correct imbalance is a major step in
bringing about a healthier, sustainable and joyful life. Not only does
this indicate profound possibilities with one’s being, we believe your
health, community and the environment will also benefit from your
renewed balance.


Feng Shui is one of the eight ancient Chinese “rays” of medicine. From a long tradition of observation of and practices with natural energy currents that course through everyone and everything, people applied comfortable placements for grave sites and memorials. Applying this same respect and desire to cooperate with Nature, feng shui became a way of life in all matters of living in space and in time.

We are ourselves nature and therefore subject to the same principles as all nature is. “Chi” – or “ki” – cycles and breathes in patterns changing over earth and time. Changing with these currents is important as our beneficiary relationship with Nature can be disrupted by our intervention as well as lack of cooperative movement. Knowing this, feng shui aims to bring humans back into alignment with these natural forces.

In present times, people still consult feng shui practitioners on a regular and normal basis before starting a new business, conducting travel, making family arrangements, moving, planning for events and so on.


Decision-making: Working with rather than against the environment can bring clarity in thought and action.

Health: Clearing your immediate work and home environment of toxins and confusing energetic arrangements can allow your natural healing to take place, and even energize previously un-attuned areas.

Relationships: Attending to your first relationship with yourself through your environment can reveal obstacles in your current relationships with others, as well as support healthier connection with family, lovers, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Spiritual Well-being: Integrating your whole self – including your body, heart, mind and spirit – is a cornerstone to well-being. Embracing the naturally occurring energies around you states to yourself you are ready to live the way you believe.

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