A Winter Calling

Winter Solstice this year is marked by a convergence of Saturn, Jupiter and Earth. These two large astral companions of ours reminds us how tiny and precious we are. Like ants we barely pay attention to in our daily lives, we scurry around this little planet thinking what we do is important and worthy of whatever emotion is going on in any moment. We are important, but we often forget why.

This Monday, December 21st, 2020, I invite us all to sit for a moment on this day. A few minutes, a few hours, or maybe the whole day, and imagine the expanse of space that is the Universe, then the space of our solar system, and then the relatively small space that is Earth’s surface.

Then bring your thoughts closer in – think about your city or town, your neighborhood, your yard if you have one……

Where ever your are sitting, standing or playing, then contemplate about the space in your heart, and remember – is it no less expansive than the Universe.

Happy Winter solstice, everyone.

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