The vibration of everything can be described
in the relationship between yin and yang.
Neither wholly favorable nor unfavorable, this
principle of vibration and flow between these
two gives movement to our world and keeps
our health and ecosystems in motion and
in check.

To recognize these aspects in your home and
correct imbalance is a major step in
bringing about a healthier, sustainable and joyful life.
Not only does this indicate profound possibilities with one’s being,
we believe your health, community and the environment
will also benefit from your renewed balance.

Urban Gardens

A sanctuary doesn’t need to be far away from city-scapes. Building sanctuary is a state of mind. The more we bring it home, the more we will wish to see them in the world.


Curious? From individual coaching to community seminars, contact us if you would like an overview seminar to help demystify the natural rhythms of nature. Charting, gardening, health.

4 Pillars Birth Charts

Sometimes, all it takes is understanding our constitution. If you wish a chart reading for you and your family, we can quickly provide a map. Think of it like a schedule of ocean tides or a farmers’ almanac.

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“Jane is a brilliant creative professional.”

Ken Berry, Acupuncturist, Doctor in Chinese Medicine


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