This could be a long post about the benefits of caring for your tools….

Care for your tools. If you do not know what that means, simply put:

  • Enough said.

Instead, I want to convey why we even have them. A while back, humans were considered different because we would make tools. That theory has since been debunked, but the fact that we make tools to facilitate our lives. Facilitate means to make easier. Why? Aside from prevention from starvation, we save time.


With smaller amounts of time needed to get food, we have time left over to contemplate the stars or our belly buttons, play with our children, and fall in love.

So the next time you are talking to your tools more than your family, remember that cell phone, that TV news brief, that automobile are just tools. Take care of them, and then put them away. Our species has spent a long time figuring out how to free up more time for leisure. It would be a disappointment that we forget why we made them.

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