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Space Clearing: De-clutter your living environment of unneeded materials and stagnant energies. Specific rites of passage for special needs. Includes on-going coaching and follow up. Read more about clutter.

Garden Design and Consultation: Create an environment commensurate with Nature and appropriate to your lifestyle and budget. A small urban garden.

Home or Office Assessment: Various methods are used to assess the health of your living and work space. Assessment methods include but are not limited to:

  •     Bagua & Ba Zhai  Find the healthy arrangement of your environment and plan for changes in the coming year.
  •     Flying Star and 9 Star Ki  Determine auspicious locations for work and home life, as well as beneficial time frames for shifts, travel and events.
  •     Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF)  Scan your environment for disruptive EMFs and devise a plan for needed corrections.


  • Classes: You and your group can enjoy continued success easily on your own terms. To discuss bringing a class to your home or organization, contact us to discuss your education needs.

    Personal Work: A personal chart accompanies all consultations free of charge. Four Pillars Divination is a Chinese Taoist chart for your own enlightenment and planning. A Personal Calendar includes a personal chart and 12 months of auspicious and inauspicious days for a variety of life events. Other methods of divination available upon request. All consultations may include referrals when necessary.

    A Year of Feng Shui: Recommended for those who have serious life-complicating issues, such as repeated injury accidents, chronic illness, or negative business patterns. Includes all the above, plus organization and planning, 2 visits of just labor, 2 follow up visits for progress, coaching, and a written report bound for recommendations, planning and progress updates.

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