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Space Clearing: $75 per 3hr visit

Garden Design and Consultation: $100 - $400, based on size of project and complexity of issues raised.

Home or Office Assessment: $75 - $200 generally, depending on space and severity of issues to be resolved.

Classes: $90 - $300. 1-day up to 4-session courses.

Personal Work: $50, but free and complimentary when conjoined with a consultation from above.

Personal Calendar: $150. A calendar personalized to your birth chart.

A Year of Feng Shui: $2000. Includes personal chart for all home or office occupants, initial consultation, all charts listed under home/office assessment, 3 space and clutter clearing visits, organization and planning, 1 garden design based on home plan, 2 visits of just labor, 2 follow up visits for progress, coaching, and a written report bound for recommendations, planning and progress updates.


We stand by you and that means we stand by our offerings. The study and practice of feng shui by its nature cannot guarantee anything. What we do promise is the following:

  • To be sincere and honest in our service throughout our relationship with you.
  • To hold your well-being in heart.
  • To continue to learn and experience this practice such that it can continually benefit you.
  • To be forthright with regard to our agreements.
  • To share information as it may serve your needs.

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