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Jane McCluskey is certified by the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui and has a graduate degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She continues to expand her knowledge and skill in art therapy and brings this diversity to all her endeavors.

Jane follows a path of complementary philosophies, being raised a naturalist, finding affinity with nature-based spiritual traditions, and utilizes several modes of alternative health care. She shares her discipline with people who want to improve their lives as well as the lives of others, opening the doors to a new business in 2006 with a mission for authentic service. Prior to this, Jane was a family mediator and facilitator in Washington, D.C., and continues to offer these skills as a part of a growing organizational development aspect to her mission.

  Meanwhile, her intuition in gardening encouraged her faith in the Earth’s natural propensity to heal itself and reveal true beauty. Jane’s current interests are continuing her education in the arts, as well as studies in taoism, sufism and Aikido. She is passionate about creating peace and beauty through methods of sustainable living, as well as empowering the public through good information and open-minded dialogue.

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