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The vibration of everything can be described in the relationship between yin and yang. Neither wholly favorable or unfavorable, this principle of vibration and flow between these two gives movement to our world and keeps our health and ecosystems in motion and in check. To recognize these aspects in your home and correct imbalance is a major step in bringing about a healthier, sustainable and joyful life. Not only does this indicate profound possibilities with one's being, we believe your health, community and the environment will also benefit from your renewed balance.

Consultations begin with a phone call or emailed query. In a phone call, we get to know each other and define the process and determine if this is right for you. We then schedule a site visit, for which I prepare some preliminary charts, including your birth chart. On site, we take a tour and acquaint each other with the layout of current and future plans. The actual work can last 2-4 hours depending on the complexities involved. We finish with recommendations for you and your home or workspace.

  Innocent Spirit Gardens & Interiors (ISGI) offers grounded consultation in natural wisdom practices. Disciplined in quakerism, feng shui, aikido, sufism, animism, and a lifetime of gardening, ISGI was created to practice the principles of serving Earth through our health and works of beauty. Help your home and garden work with you as you serve the world environment and rejoin your creative widsom.

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