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The core cosmology of feng shui is the Tao: the oneness of all and nothingness that is the rhythm of the universe. This rhythm is expressed in the principles of yin and yang. Feng Shui is one of the 8 ancient Chinese "rays" of medicine. From a long tradition of observation of and practices with natural energy currents that course through everyone and everything, people applied comfortable placements for gravesites and internments. Applying this same respect and desire to cooperate with nature, feng shui became a way of life in all matters of living in space and in time.

We are ourselves nature and therefore subject to the same principles as all nature is. "Chi" - or "ki" - cycles and breathes in patterns changing over earth and time. Changing with these currents is important as our beneficiary relationship with Nature can be disrupted by our intervention as well as lack of cooperative movement. Knowing this, feng shui aims to bring humans back into alignment with these natural forces.

  In present times, Chinese consult feng shui practitioners on a regular and normal basis before starting a new business, conducting travel, making family arrangements, moving, planning for events and so on.

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